Bring it Back

Large and small electrical and electronic appliances, toys, lamps, light bulbs and tubes can be returned – at any time, and of course free of charge – to over 450 collection points in your vicinity, as well as to commercial sales points.

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All electrical and electronic equipment contains raw materials that are precious and rare, but some of which are also highly toxic. To protect the environment and reuse those raw materials, it is crucial for all waste electrical and electronic equipment as well as lamps, light bulbs and tubes to be recycled properly. SENS eRecycling assists and informs you, the consumer, as well as all its partners – retailers, manufacturers, importers, collection sites, and recyclers – comprehensively about this. Read more


SENS Foundation: 2014 Annual Report

14 May 2015

We are pleased to present our Annual Report for 2014. Drawing on the notion of authenticity, the theme of this Annual Report was “Together”, and in the spirit of this theme, all SENS staff composed their own texts.

We are particularly pleased about the high number of manufacturers and importers interested in joining our take-back system. The high quality and convenience for our partners is very attractive, and this has helped the number of contractual partners to grow by 6% in the past year.

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