Nowadays, promising sustainability is almost considered de rigueur. Actually being able to deliver on this promise in all areas, however, is another matter that entails wide-ranging facets. Our environmental objectives are just as much part of this process as our social and economic goals.

Around 85,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic appliances were collected and recycled in the SENS take-back system in 2016. The volume for Switzerland as a whole is even greater at 138,000 tonnes. An impressive figure that highlights much more important achievements in our life cycle assessment.

With its recycling of raw materials found in electrical and electronic waste, SENS eRecycling makes an important contribution to ensuring the reuse of recyclable materials. In 2016 alone,

  • 1,700 tonnes of aluminium were collected, enough to build 10 Airbus A380s;
  • 57,000 tonnes of iron and steel were collected, enough to build 49 ICE long-distance trains;
  • 11 kilograms of gold were collected, enough to produce around 210 wedding rings.

The environmental benefits of the electrical and electronic equipment recycling performed by SENS and its partners in 2016 were determined by the renowned firm Carbotech AG on the basis of a life cycle assessment. The calculated environmental benefits score of 2,800 billion environmental impact points (UBP) roughly equates to the annual environmental impact of the city of Bern (140,000 people). Some 92 per cent of the environmental benefits of SENS are generated through the prevention of pollutant emissions. The recycling of materials only accounts for 8 per cent.

SENS eRecycling thus practices environmental protection in a very efficient manner.