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Clean air is essential for good health. Nowhere has this been more recognised than in Switzerland, the place historically sought out by people with respiratory conditions to relieve their suffering. Following this tradition, the aeris founders set out to bring the experience of fresh Swiss Alpine air to the whole world. In doing so, their mission is to drastically improve and protect the respiratory health of aeris customers. With climate change worsening air quality worldwide, this issue is more relevant and urgent than ever.

Founded in 2014 by Pierre Bi (M.S. MechE at MIT, US and ETH Zurich) and Constantin Overlack (M.S. MechE at ETH Zurich), aeris is a fast-growing technology company working on personalised indoor climate solutions that guarantee a comfortable and hygienic environment at home, in offices and hospitals.

The founders were aware from the start that the vast majority of air purifiers on the market are woefully inadequate for demanding air hygiene needs of most people, especially those who are already sensitive to the air around them. So they researched to develop the most advanced mobile air purifier in the market.

aeris' unique technological advantage lies in its advanced nanospun filter materials and intelligent software platform. Its unique AI approach analyses and adapts to indoor air quality patterns and user behaviour. The result of the combination of advanced hardware and software: aeris air purifiers outperform competitors by 50 to 100 % in standardised industry tests.

Headquartered in Switzerland with sales teams in China and the US, aeris currently works with more than 20 retail partners in over 200 premium locations worldwide, including some of the best-known names and platforms such as QVC, Target, LaneCrawford, Home Depot, JD.COM and Selfridges, among many others.

Visit the aeris website or follow the innovative company on social media LinkedIn, Facebook as well as Instagram to learn even more about our new partner.