The SENS system
closes the cycle.
Environment protected.

Discover the eRecycling life cycle

With its efficient and tried-and-tested system, SENS eRecycling ensures that your electrical and electronic appliances are recycled in a professional and environmentally friendly way. If you purchase your appliances from one of our ARF partners, their proper disposal is already guaranteed at the time of purchase.

SENS takes care of the entire life cycle of your electrical and electronic appliances. By paying the ARF when purchasing an electrical and electronic appliance, its proper disposal is already guaranteed from the outset. When your appliance has reached the end of its service life, you simply return it to our ARF partners or a SENS collection point. Using efficient logistics, we cost-effectively transport the appliances to a recycling company that guarantees their professional disposal.

SENS sorgt bereits beim Kauf eines Elektrogerätes für die spätere Entsorgung

SENS closes the cycle. From the very beginning of an appliance’s life cycle, we already think ahead to its disposal.
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Für Auslands- und Onlinekäufe freiwillig vRG nachzahlen.

Have you purchased an appliance abroad or online? Pay a CHF 5.00 ARF by text message for professional disposal: send “ARF” to number 488.
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Zahlen und Fakten zum Recycling von Elektroschrott in der Schweiz

In 2019, the people of Switzerland collected 9.86 kilograms of household appliances per person. Help us to increase this number.
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In connection with recycling, the Internet and people’s views have been beset by persistent misinformation for decades.
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