Shaping the future together

The prerequisite for a successful take-back system is a dense network of partners from a wide range of disciplines. Thank you, valued partners, for allowing us to count on you again last year. We have achieved a great deal together with you and have been able to actively shape the future. We would like to take this opportunity to look back on the successes we have achieved together.

Pasqual Zopp
Managing Director

Foreword by the Managing Director

Cycles and partnerships – better together!

I was delighted to step into the role of Managing Director of SENS eRecycling in May 2022, and began my work full of enthusiasm. I was supported by a newly formed team, which included familiar faces, new faces and you, our valued partners. Together we have made an important impact, both in the public eye and in the circular economy.

What a SENSation, when we welcomed the president of Switzerland Ignazio Cassis to our “Fascination eRecycling” exhibition on the very first day of Olma 2022! In the 10 days that followed, over 320,000 visitors to Olma dived into the world of recycling. Equipped with VR goggles or live, they learned about the importance of recycling electronic appliances for obtaining recyclable materials and returning them to the cycle in over 350 hours of in-person talks.
We’re also well ahead of the game when it comes to identifying electronic appliances: we have now developed our AI pilot project into a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP), setting new standards throughout Europe with regard to transparency in the flow of commodities and sending out yet another clear signal for sustainability. This will make it much easier for us in future to channel products suitable for reuse from the flow of goods. 
Through the new industry solution for “e-cigarettes” we have, together with the Swiss Vape Trade Association (SVTA), managed to arrange for the environmentally friendly disposal of these fashionable products, which are popular with young people in particular, in the most straightforward way possible for all involved. I can’t wait to see how this is reflected in the return rates. I was also delighted about the high acceptance of the new “heat pumps” industry solution, which around 80% of manufacturers and importers signed up to in next to no time. I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all our other partners involved in our industry solutions. They ensure that we can keep developing on and make an important difference to our environment.
As you know, the National Council’s Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy Committee (ESPEC-N) recently adopted the draft revision of the Environmental Protection Act to strengthen the Swiss circular economy. This makes private sector industry solutions universally binding, which is key to us continuing to close further raw material cycles together with you in future without political constraints and based on our principle of voluntary participation. 
Buoyed by this momentum from Bern, I look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you, our valued partners, and to launching many new and exciting projects, be it the reuse of photovoltaic modules (second life modules), further development of the electro bag or our new circular platform to promote the circular economy. In case you aren’t already familiar with the latter, I invite you to take a short virtual tour here:
You can see that we will be able to embark on exciting projects next year too, and if there are any open cycles you’d like to see closed, we’d love to hear your ideas.

Kind regards,
Pasqual Zopp