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Do you finally want to dispose of all those electrical appliances you have stashed away? What you need to know

Whether it’s a coffee machine, an old humidifier or grandma’s iron: our everyday lives are full of electrical appliances. But what should you do with these devices when they have had their day?

Instead of simply storing e-waste in the cupboard next to all our other discarded appliances, we should finally get into the habit of disposing of it directly. Why? Because this isn’t just good for the environment, but for society too. Many raw materials can be extracted from the supposed scrap. One advantage is that this reduces imports of new resources. In addition, by disposing of e-waste properly, we ensure that no toxins from old batteries or accumulators end up polluting the environment.

So what’s the best thing to do? You don’t have to spend money or invest a lot of time to dispose of e-waste. We explain where to take your old toaster and other devices.

You can dispose of old electrical appliances ...

... in specialist stores

Whenever you buy an electrical appliance in Switzerland, its disposal costs are already included in the purchase price in the form of the advance recycling fee. That’s why you can return your defective and old equipment to stores free of charge. You don’t need a receipt, and you don’t even need to have bought the product from the same shop. The only condition is that the retailer must stock similar equipment in their range.

... at a SENS collection point

If you want to get your old iron or broken fan out of the way whilst also making sure that the appliance will be recycled, you can take it to a SENS disposal point. See the eRecycling map for an overview of all locations. You can also check which electrical and electronic devices can be disposed of at each location. 

... via your mail carrier

You can now have your e-waste disposed of from the comfort of your own home by ordering an “Electro Recycling Bag”. A mail carrier will collect the bag from your milk crate and dispose of it for you. The next collection period is expected to start in autumn 2021. Click here to order the practical disposal bags:

... via your municipality

If you need to dispose of a larger appliance, it’s worth contacting your local authority. Many regions organise regular collection campaigns. In Zurich, for example, an e-tram calls at various stops once or twice a month to take e-waste directly to the recycling centre.

... at a SWICO drop-off point

In Switzerland, SWICO is responsible for everything that has a screen. That’s where you can take your discarded consumer electronics, including smartphones, computers, tablets or PC screens. Click here to find a drop-off point near you.