Collection points

Collection points

Disused electrical and electronic appliances can be returned anywhere where such appliances are sold, and to SENS collection points. And that free of charge.

How to find your nearest collection point:
1. Enter your postcode or city/town.
2. Your nearest collection point will be displayed.
3. By clicking on the red symbol, you can see which appliance categories are accepted.

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What does a SENS collection point offer?

Together with the return points at retailers, manufacturers and importers, the SENS collection points are SENS eRecycling’s most important cooperation partners. They meet and guarantee the highest quality standards in the collection of electrical and electronic appliances, and offer friendly and expert customer service.

Do you wish to become an official SENS collection point?

Here you will find the application form for SENS collection points. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Get in touch via the contact form with a brief outline of your question.