Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the strategic body of the SENS Foundation. Its members represent the various viewpoints, stakeholder groups and eRecycling market, as well as the topics of eRecycling, resource efficiency and sustainability.

Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher
Stephan Büsser
Ivo Huber
Diego de Pedrini
Peter Kuhn
Christine Wiederkehr-Luther
David Stickelberger
Markus Gauch
Peter Spirig
Mirko Brünning
Rebecca Knoth-Letsch

Honorary president

In recognition of his outstanding service as a founding member and long-serving president, as well as his pioneering role in the circular economy, the Board of Trustees unanimously elected Dr Andreas Röthlisberger as honorary president on 26 April 2021.

Dr Andreas Röthlisberger
Honorary president


The SENS Foundation was initiated by renowned organisations, companies, public authorities and private individuals, with the purpose of establishing and promoting sustainable eRecycling solutions organised by the private sector. With great dedication and a broad range of expertise, the founders supported and guided the SENS Foundation as an independent committee until 2012. After more than 20 years, the founders decided in consultation with the Board of Trustees to integrate their committee into the Board of Trustees.

AEW Energie AG, Aarau
Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB), Aarau
AG für Abfallverwertung AVAG, Thun 
Swiss Professional Association for Electrical Appliances in Household and Industry (FEA)
Canton of Aargau
Alfred Müller AG, Baar
Oeko-Service Schweiz AG, Rheinfelden 
RUAG Environment Ltd, Schattdorf 
Sonderabfallverwertungs-AG SOVAG, Brügg 
St. Jacob’s Cellars Schuler & Co. Ltd Schwyz formerly John Jacob Castell & Co., Schwyz 
Swico Recycling, Interest Group Consumer Electronics, Zurich
SwissLegal (Aarau) Ltd., Aarau
Syngenta International Ltd., Basel
Gustav Werder, Aarau

ARF Committee

The ARF Committee supports and oversees the SENS take-back system as a supervising body. It reviews, edits and updates the official ARF tariff and appliance lists on an annual basis. In addition, the ARF Committee monitors the development and size of the ARF fund.

The ARF Committee members are delegates from the appropriate sectors and companies (manufacturers/importers, industry associations, wholesalers and major specialist retailers); otherwise the ARF Committee constitutes itself. The SENS Foundation is represented in the ARF Committee by its Managing Director, staffs the administrative office, and creates a monitoring and reporting system for timely and professional supervision of the ARF fund.


  • Pasqual Zopp, SENS Foundation Managing Director

Large household appliances

  • Kim Boegeholz, Electrolux
  • Piotr Zukowski, BSH
  • Marcel Niederberger, V-Zug

Small household appliances

  • Axel Horisberger, Robert Bosch AG
  • Vancancy

Powertools und Gartengeräte

  • Axel Horisberger, Robert Bosch AG

Toys and games

  • Roman Dätwiler, Sombo


  • David Galeuchet, Solarmarkt GmbH

Retail and wholesale

  • Christian Leupoldt, ALDI SUISSE AG
  • Ulrich Kästle, Interdiscount
  • Daniel Marbach, FUST AG
  • Manuel Hansmann, Federazione delle cooperative Migros
  • Hansjörg Kohli, Interdiscount
  • Vancancy, Swiss Retail Federation


  • Vancancy

Representatives from the Board of Trustees

  • Stephan Büsser, Festool Schweiz AG