Recycling partners
are guaranteed
to be environmentally friendly.
Resources conserved.

SENS partners engage in environmentally friendly recycling

SENS recycling companies meet the highest ecological standards. They disassemble disused electrical and electronic appliances, reclaim precious secondary materials, and dispose of pollutants in an environmentally friendly way.

SENS recycling companies meet the highest standards not only in terms of ecology, but also in terms of the working environment and workplace safety. Regular visits by independent inspection experts mean that these high quality standards are continuously monitored and developed further. The enduring relationships between SENS eRecycling and its eRecycling partners ensure both ecologically exemplary working practices and economically beneficial processes.

Unsere SENS-Recycler entsorgen Ihre Elektrogeräte fachgerecht

SENS recycling companies guarantee the environmentally friendly, professional and efficient recycling of any electrical and electronic appliances you wish to dispose of.
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Entsorgen Sie Elektroschrott kostenlos bei SENS-Sammelstellen

If there are no retailers of electrical and electronic appliances in your vicinity, you can return your disused appliances to SENS collection points free of charge.
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Beauftragen Sie als Unternehmen die Abholung von Elektroschrott bei der SENS

Efficient: place a collection order and choose which recycling company to use.
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