Voluntary ARC for foreign purchases

Commit yourself to professional recycling in Switzerland. Pay the advance recycling contribution (ARC) voluntarily.

The financing of the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances in Switzerland is secured thanks to the advance recycling contribution (ARC). Manufacturers, specialist retailers and importers levy the ARC on their electrical appliances. This means that consumers pay the recycling costs at the time of purchase and support professional recycling.

For online purchases abroad, no ARC is included in the purchase price, although the appliance is often sent to the SENS take-back system for recycling and is recovered. This foreign shopping means that the ARC funds needed to finance recycling are lost. This weakens the Swiss waste disposal system. 

Have you shopped abroad or online but don't want to harm the Swiss waste disposal system? Pay CHF 5.00 ARC for professional disposal. 

Make your contribution

Here you can directly and conveniently pay the ARC retrospectively on appliances that you purchased online or abroad, and thereby co-finance the recycling of your appliance.

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