The SENS brand

The SENS Foundation is an independent, neutral, non-profit, charitable organisation, and operates under the SENS eRecycling brand.

As an expert in the sustainable recycling of disused electrical and electronic appliances as well as lamps and lighting equipment, the Foundation plays a crucial role in setting pioneering benchmarks in eRecycling.

Purpose and tasks

The Foundation’s purpose is to promote recycling solutions organised by the private sector, ensure quality standards in eRecycling and environmentally friendly disposal, optimise logistics systems, and competitively finance these services via the advance recycling fee (ARF). The SENS Foundation correspondingly focuses its activities around the four key areas of sustainability, expertise, networking and solutions, something which is also reflected in its name:

S Sustainability – sustainable eRecycling
E Expertise – in-depth technical knowledge
N Network – profitable relationships
S Solution – efficient holistic solutions

Service and quality

The SENS Foundation works together with businesses, public authorities and consumers to meet environmental requirements. The Foundation guarantees the take-back system for the following appliance categories: small and large household appliances, construction, garden and hobby equipment, toys, and lamps and lighting equipment. The Foundation works closely together with specialised networks in which the partners involved in all stages of the eRecycling of electrical and electronic appliances are represented.

The take-back systems launched by the SENS Foundation provide a high level of quality and their recycling and disposal services meet the strictest standards thanks to independent monitoring.

Brand and communication

The SENS Foundation operates under the SENS eRecycling brand in order to directly communicate the focus and benefits of its relevant field of activity, i.e. eRecycling, and thereby counter the problems of freeloaders, online retail and foreign purchases. SENS eRecycling comprehensively informs, supports and advises the public and all its partners. It does so with the aim of further increasing the return rate across all target groups for all electrical and electronic appliances as well as all lamps and lighting equipment, and to recycle disused appliances in a professional and environmentally friendly manner in order to close the cycle.