This is why you can recycle your old electrical appliances free of charge in Switzerland

eRecycling costs me a lot of money? Not at all. Thanks to the advanced recycling contribution, we can dispose of electrical appliances in Switzerland easily and free of charge.

You don't want to go to a recycling centre to dispose of your old electrical appliances and possibly have to pay a lot of money for it? Then here's some good news for you: You already paid for the disposal of your electrical appliances when you bought them. That's why you can have your old appliances disposed of free of charge at a specialist dealer near you. This saves resources and protects the environment.

Thanks to the advanced recycling contribution, specialised shops are obliged to accept old appliances.

Since 1998, the Swiss legal code has contained an ordinance on the return, take-back and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (ORDEE). According to this ordinance, manufacturers, dealers and importers are obliged to accept electrical and electronic equipment that is similar to their product range free of charge and to hand it over for professional recycling. It doesn't matter whether the appliance originally came from the shop or not. If you have a defective toaster at home, for example, you can take it back to any retailer who stocks toasters for disposal - without having to pay anything.

With the advanced recycling contribution, you have already financed eRecycling at the time of purchase. Because ...

... the ORDEE is financed by the so-called advanced recycling contribution (ARC). When we buy a new electrical appliance, the recycling fee is already included in the purchase price. How high this contribution is depends entirely on the type of appliance and its weight. 

Advance recycling contribution (ARC)

If we buy our electrical appliances abroad or order them from online shops abroad, we avoid the advanced recycling contribution. As a result of the bypassed ARC, SENS eRecycling loses money every year in the single-digit millions that would be used for proper recycling. Have you bought an electrical appliance abroad and would like to support the eRecycling cycle in Switzerland? Then pay the Fair ARC - a solidarity fee that helps finance the disposal of your device. 

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