New ARC partner: Schmid energy solution

The Schmid Group is a Swiss family business that has specialised in wood energy since 1936. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of wood heating systems and heat pumps.

For more than 85 years, they have been specialising in wood firing systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Generating energy from wood has many advantages and requires a great deal of experience, knowledge and expertise, says Schmid. Thanks to constant further developments and optimally matched system components, they fulfil all the requirements for safe heating technology for their customers. Their product range includes air/water, brine/water and domestic hot water heat pumps.

Schmid is committed to ensuring that heat pumps are disposed of correctly and professionally. With their affiliation as a ARC partner and member of GebäudeKlima Schweiz, who are co-operation partners of the "Industry Solution Heat Pumps", they support the environmentally friendly recycling solution. 

We are delighted to welcome the Schmid Group as a partner and look forward to working with them to close the recyclable material cycle. 

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