The eRecycling system in Switzerland is one of the most successful in the world. The return rates are two to three times higher than in most other European countries. The benefits for the environment are impressive. Where does this success come from?

During the past 30 years, SENS eRecycling has succeeded in developing a take-back system for electrical and electronic appliances in Switzerland that sets pioneering international standards. Who are the players who make this successful system possible? How exactly does the recycling process work? How is everything financed? And what does the future look like? Will electrical and electronic appliances soon dispose of themselves?

The five-part film series by the Lucerne film-maker Till Gmür takes you on an exciting journey through 30 years of eRecycling in Switzerland. With spectacular images, each episode tells of the power of innovative ideas – and the efficiency of solutions that are based on the principle of voluntary participation and taking personal economic responsibility.

Watch the films and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of electronic waste.