E-cigarettes come in countless varieties. All of them are electronic devices.

There are e-cigarettes as disposable or reusable devices, with the most diverse names, even more flavours and in the most diverse shapes and colours. But they have one thing in common: they are all electrical devices that contain valuable raw materials, but also harmful substances. That is why they must be disposed of properly.

An e-cigarette is a small battery-powered electric device. It has a mouthpiece at the front, a lithium-ion battery at the back and an electrically heated metal coil (vaporiser) and a container for the liquid in between. This is how most e-cigarettes or vapes - as they are also called - are constructed. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice one thing in particular, in addition to the many brand names, shapes, flavours and colours: While with some e-cigarettes the battery and the container with the liquid can be exchanged, the other e-cigarettes are permanently assembled. 

Disposable or reusable? - The difference lies in the service life
E-cigarettes that are permanently assembled are so-called disposable e-cigarettes. They last until the liquid or the built-in battery is used up. On average, that's about 600 puffs or between 4 to 6 days - depending on your consumption habit. Although the battery would actually be rechargeable, the e-cigarette no longer works and must therefore be disposed of as a whole. Other e-cigarettes, on the other hand, are equipped with a battery carrier so that the battery can be replaced and always recharged as soon as it is empty. The liquid container can also be refilled at any time. This also makes these e-cigarettes last much longer. In contrast to disposable e-cigarettes, they are therefore also referred to as reusable e-cigarettes. On average, they last about 2 years.

Practical, cheap and hip - the Puff Bars 
Since the first Puff Bars - the latest generation of disposable e-cigarettes - were introduced in Switzerland in 2020, the consumption of disposable e-cigarettes has increased abruptly. Puff bars are handy, as colourful as highlighters and available in the most exotic flavours and coolest designs. What's more, they fit in any pocket. And since they are already charged and filled with liquid, they are ready to use immediately when travelling or for spontaneous enjoyment at parties. No wonder they are so popular with young people, especially since they are usually cheaper than reusable e-cigarettes.

One battery per e-cigarette
Unfortunately, however, few people are aware that these puff bars - like all other e-cigarettes - contain a highly flammable battery as well as other components made of valuable raw materials such as lithium, nickel and aluminium. To ensure that these raw materials are not lost and that pollutants such as lead or nicotine are not released into the environment, it is imperative that empty e-cigarettes or used batteries are disposed of properly.

There is as much power in 7 Puff Bars as in a battery for a Galaxy S22
In an article in 2022, PC-Welt pointed out that each "Elf Bar 600" e-cigarette contains a 550 mAh battery that is thrown away after use. Yet 7 would be enough to power a Galaxy S22 smartphone for years with a 3,700 mAh battery. 

Do you sell e-cigarettes? - Become a vape recycler
Order vape recycling bags for your shop here. This will enable your customers to easily collect and dispose of their vapes. With a full vape recycling bag, you help to return valuable materials to the material cycle.