A question of quality:
SENS recyclers must adhere to these guidelines.

If you dispose of your old drill at a SENS collection point or take your broken espresso machine back to a SENS partner shop, you can be sure that you are making a valuable contribution to protecting our environment. You can be sure that your e-waste will be taken to a recycling company that meets the highest international quality standards.

This means that the dismantling of the equipment, the safe removal of harmful substances and the recovery of valuable raw materials are all guaranteed to be carried out in accordance with the latest technical findings. The standards, which are binding for all recycling companies affiliated to the SENS network, were formulated by CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation. Standardisation organisations from 34 European countries are united in CENELEC. The aim is to agree on common specifications in order to meet the needs of industry, fulfil consumer expectations, promote economic growth and open up new markets. 

Behind the cryptic name "Recycling Standard SN EN 50625" lies an extensive catalogue of requirements that covers the most diverse aspects of the recycling process. By contractually obliging the recyclers licensed by SENS eRecycling to comply with the strict and narrowly defined regulations, it is ensured that the highest quality standards are met not only in terms of ecology, but also with regard to the working environment and occupational safety.

Annual audits by the technical commission

Compliance with the binding guidelines is checked annually by qualified environmental specialists, the so-called technical commission. All recycling companies that pass the audit without critical deviation receive a certificate that is valid until the next audit. If a recycling company does not comply with the requirements, it is given a warning. In the event of a repeat offence, the company will be excluded from the SENS network by means of termination.

The uniform, strict quality requirements are an important driver for the future of the Swiss recycling industry. They ensure that recyclers continuously improve their high quality and continuously develop themselves further. This is good for our environment and gives you the certainty that professional disposal is the best thing you can do for your old electrical appliances.