Motion eRecycling angenommen

eRecycling motion

The Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy Committee (ESPEC) unanimously approved the motion “Urgent action required for the taking back and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment” (17.3636).

The motion calls for all market partners to be obliged to add an advance recycling fee to retail prices. This fee will be used to finance the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and lamps.

A total of 90 percent of the market players have agreed to participate in a voluntary take-back system. An amendment to the existing regulation is necessary due to the remaining 10 percent of market players and online retailers and importers that do not currently pay a fee. The SENS Foundation believes that the continuation of the existing voluntary system is the best solution. However, free-riders should also be obliged to contribute financially to recycling costs.

The motion has been added to the agenda for the Council of States for 20 September 2018. If the Council of States approves this motion, the Federal Council must put forward a solution.

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