New Managing Director of SENS eRecycling

Zurich, March 2022 Pasqual Zopp will take over the operational management of SENS from 1 May 2022. After eight years at the helm, Heidi Luck is handing over the successful and well-positioned take-back system to her team colleague and deputy, and will now use the expertise she has gained over the years in strategic committees.

A few years ago, some people might have been amazed at the prospect of woman at the top of a company in a male-dominated industry like recycling. Looking back on eight years of Heidi Luck as Managing Director of SENS, many people are now amazed at what she achieved at the Foundation during this time.

As Managing Director, Heidi Luck helped to create a level playing field for all market participants and thereby ensure the efficient and proper disposal of appliances in Switzerland. With over 1,200 contractual partners and ultra-modern and professional recycling partners, the take-back system is now more established and successful than ever before. Her excellent understanding of the different requirements of the partners – and the structural and process optimisations for the entire system based on these requirements – made this success possible and really advanced eRecycling over the course of the past few years.

Heidi Luck was highly motivated by the opportunity to collaborate with the great people working in the industry, the ambitious and innovative goals of our partners in the system, and Switzerland’s resulting status as a global leader in recycling. The people she works with were always Heidi Luck’s top priority, and she will continue to focus on people after moving on from SENS.

Her real passion outside of work is the status of women in society and the working world. She always strived to set an example in her work of how women can be supported in the business world and which areas need to be more closely addressed in order to ensure more equality.

A visionary plan
Pasqual Zopp will start his new challenge with plenty of impetus and an ambitious vision. SENS is the expert for the sustainable handling of electrical and electronic appliances. The ambitious goals of creating customer-friendly, modular and digitalised processes, setting new standards, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of a circular economy are the areas that Pasqual has decided to focus on with his team over the course of the next few years.

With his background in IT, Pasqual has a deep-seated fascination for digitalisation and a passion for simplifying complex processes and making them more transparent. He aims to use digital tools to make the life cycle of electrical and electronic appliances more sustainable. With his many years of experience in the recycling business, his wealth of technical and economic expertise, and his passion and fascination for the many facets of the industry, Pasqual is the ideal candidate for the position of Managing Director and the right person to implement the promising projects for the entire take-back system.

About Pasqual Zopp
Pasqual Zopp studied business administration with a focus on strategic management. His area of interest is the range of complex challenges faced by industry, in particular those related to the circular economy. As Head of Finance and Deputy Managing Director, he has been helping shape SENS for 10 years. Pascal Zopp will take on the role of Managing Director with a thirst for action as he looks towards the future: “My job will be to ensure that we work with our partners to continue innovating and expand the current excellent system to improve the circular economy. Constructive cooperation with the various stakeholders in the system is something that is very important to me.”

As a wine lover and passionate cook, Pasqual loves going on culinary journeys to the four corners of the globe on the search for the perfect wine pairings.