Professional reinforcement by Rebecca Knoth-Letsch and Mirko Brünning in the foundation board of SENS eRecycling

In November 2022, Rebecca Knoth-Letsch from the Association for Municipal Infrastructure (SVKI) and Mirko Brünning from De'Longhi Switzerland AG were unanimously elected to the SENS eRecycling Foundation Board.

Rebecca Knoth-Letsch is deputy managing director at SVKI and is familiar with the regulatory framework for Swiss cities and municipalities in the field of waste & recycling. In addition, she brings political know-how on the topic of circular economy from her former function at economiesuisse, the umbrella organization of the economy. At SVKI, she coordinates activities of Swiss cities and municipalities in the field of waste & recycling. 

Mirko Brünning is Sales Manager and member of the Management Board of De'Longhi Switzerland AG and representative of the Swiss Association of Household and Commercial Electrical Appliances (FEA).
In his function as Sales Manager at De'Longhi Switzerland AG, Mirko Brünning, with his knowledge in the field of product management, is committed to the development of sustainable and durable products and the good recyclability of materials. Modern sales concepts for equipment rental are evaluated under his direction. In his daily life, a mindful use of resources is important to him. 

We are pleased to welcome Mirko Brünning and Rebecca Knoth-Letsch to the Board of Trustees and look forward to working with them to further advance the circular economy in the areas of electrical appliances, lights and illuminants, photovoltaics, and industrial and automotive batteries.