A successful partnership:
This is how we work together to bolster photovoltaics in Switzerland

Strengthening photovoltaics in Switzerland in such a way that it can exploit its great potential in the best possible way, and at the same time, successfully mastering all the challenges that growing return volumes of PV modules will bring with them in the future: we can only succeed in this by cooperating with great partners.

For example, Swissolar, the Swiss umbrella association for solar energy, volunteered to join the SENS eRecycling system back in 2013. Since then, we have been working together to ensure that decommissioned PV modules are properly disposed of.

Every single ARF partner counts

Our ARF partners are extremely important for the proper functioning of our recycling system. By joining SENS eRecycling, they voluntarily support our nationwide take-back system, which allows you to easily dispose of and professionally recycle your decommissioned PV modules. We therefore recommend that you purchase a new PV system from an official ARF partner – this way you also support the SENS take-back system. You can find an overview of our ARF partners in the field of photovoltaics here.